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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  February 1, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> bob: bazookas, that would be something. >> greg: you want a permit for a gun so you're not a sitting duck. >> dana: i have the round tipstip scissors. they won't work well. >> greg: banned phrase. "lo and behold." unless they're the name of your ferret be done with it. you don't need to start a sentence with "lo and behold," just start the sentence. >> dana: i heard you would do think. looked up the origin of "lo and behold." it turns out it's from the bible. you can't ban a phrase from the bible. >> greg: great. >> -- saying that -- >> dana: behold and lo is how it was there but it's also in letter from lady of the bed chamber in 1808. do research. >> greg: going to wikipedia. >> andrea: you think you are smarter than god, don't you? >> dana: that is mrs. anna on "downtown abbey."
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lady's made. got promoted. >> eric: lady of the bed chamber. >> andrea: lo and behold. >> dana: lo and behold this political cartoon. i like this. it's about the media. who is going to win? >> greg: that worked out >> dana: thank you. >> greg: putting up a let's go to andy levy for our pre game report. what are you shaking your head for, you big jerk? >> our top story, a super bowl ad sparks cries of race -- racism. no, this is not a repeat unless it is saturday night. can boys to men help make boys? the shocking story that can only come from mother russia. and a san francisco 49er
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corner back apologizes saying his anti-gay remarks reflected the thoughts in his head, but not what he feels. we will try to figure it out too straight ahead. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> you becha? >> you wrote something and didn't tell me you wrote something. i didn't say whatever and it screwed up what you wrote without telling me. maybe you learn a lesson and tell me. >> i'm sure the viewers at home are pleased to understand this problem that we are having. >> it is a peek in the works. whatever. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot she has been banned from ice skating rinks. i am here with fox business network anchor lori anne roth man. great nod. way to put your chin into it. she so funny he burps silly puddy. his latest cd comes out january 22nd and it is called lateral thinking poz leers. y -- puzlers, it is already
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out, really. and he is considered breakfast, bill schulz. and if fearless reporting was the hokey pokey, i'm sure i did him at a party in the mid70s. and his bosses are bitter because his sales are in the toilet. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> considering this is a paper of work rather than salacious gossip rag, we have yet to report on dan moreno and his 27-year-old love child. love child. never meant to be,. ♪ love child ♪ scorn bay society ♪ love child ♪ always second best ♪ love child ♪ different from the rest ♪ contemplating ♪ is it worth the pain of waiting ♪ ♪ we will only end up hating ♪ love child ♪
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>> a block. the lede. that's the first story. jay we have dialed back -- >> we have dialed back this whole pinch thing to once a week, and yet it doesn't make any difference. it is like dialing back and getting shot in the head. we are only going to shoot you once a week instead of five times. is the ad from coke a racist joke? better question are any super bowl commercials this year not bigoted? this week coca-cola released an on-line teaser for its spot on the big match. prompting outrage amoung some arab american groups peep it peepers.
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while the ad encourages people to vote for who reaches the bottle first which is a mirage there is no era of option at the coke website. they say, quote, the commercial is racist, portraying arabs as backward and foolish camel jockeys and they have no chance to win in the world. adds another critic, why is it that arabs are always shown as oil rich sheiks, terrorists or belly dancers? the arab-american anti-discrimination committee said this and there was an apology if the ad was misunderstood, but also saying it is not going to change it. despite the controversy the game will go on. who is going to win? >> who is going to win super bowl xlvii? the ravens or the 49ers?
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>> it is amazing how they got john tbib son's hair to -- john gibson's hair to do that. he loves when i say things like that. shilou, good to see and you congratulations on your success. if you consider a commercial for a website a success. you were saying in the green room -- >> wow. you were saying in the green room that if anything the ad isn't racist enough. basically it is based on appealing to people and here you are trying to drive people away. >> yes. well, look, there are many ads we have seen in the news and ads that will run during the super bowl. but we are in an economic slump. we need these ads. way know -- what did barack obama win 53% of the country? so 47% of the country is racist. we know that. these companies need to market to these people. how are they supposed to market products if they can't
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market to 47% of the country? >> what an interesting and unusual analysis from tom shillou. last time he will be on the show. lori, you claim to be an expertise in something, not quite sure. >> an expert in being annoyed by you. a glutton for punishment. >> there you go. from a business perspective -- try to focus. >> can't resist you. jay i know. how c you? should coca-cola have avoided even the slightest possibility of offending muslims by not having anything in there? >> i don't think that was the original intent. there is so much pressure to come up with something cool and savy and new for the super bowl. my goodness they are paying i'm sure out the wazoo for this. >> hey, language. this is a kid's show. >> i was trying to keep it family friendly about -- with the wazoo term. >> oh! >> year after year these companies have to come up with the clever ads.
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you were mentioning it was a tribute to some of the classic movies, "lawrence of arabia." >> yes, i said that in a break earlier. >> that's your impression and take away of the ad. >> don't try to pull me into your excuses. >> they didn't set out to say who can we offend? >> i wish i could have will toed that, rick. i wish i could have followed that, rick. >> should coke have apologized? >> yes. well they should apologize for making a bad commercial. commercials are supposed to make you want that product they are supposed to sell. we didn't the whole thing. but the clip goes on and there is a bus full of vegas show girls. this ad made me want to go to las vegas. it didn't make me want to have coca-cola. >> you little animal. you can't control yourself. >> no, i can't. >> you can't. you are a monster. >> i would like to control you. i would like to try. >> bill, you are actually, and a lot of people don't know this, but you are an accomplished belly dancer.
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>> let me finish the question. >> i am not putting up with this. >> you are stealing my face time. >> i am trying to make a point here. >> they say why are they assuming -- why are they always making us belly dancers? how do we know the belly dancer is arabic? >> this is exactly how you solve the problem. co caw -- coca-cola has to come out with one statement that will solve everything. the guy with the camel with the jew. here is the thing. with that area in the world everyone dresses like that. what was lawrence of arabia. they dressed exactly like that. also he was gay. jay you know -- you know what, greg, there is nothing wrong with that. >> there are actually
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scenes that elude to that. >> no, he what was -- i saw the movie twice. >> it is true. >> guys like you assume that. >> oh yes, i assume because look at him, he is gorgeous. >> you can't spell assume without ass. >> this is like j edgar hoover dressed in drag story. >> i thought it was peter o'toole? >> peter o'toole was a man's man who also likes a good drink. how dare you be smir of -- besmirch him. >> here is the thing. i don't know what besmirch means. fie on you. from bigotry to baby trees, can their songs leads to throngs? russia recruited the group boys to men to raise birthrates in the country.
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the moscow times says the band will be lending their, quote, powerful voices to vladimir putin's fertility campaign to raise the country's dwindling population. they say the stylish trio is going to moscow and they will perform a selection of classic balance lads and hopefully giving russian men some inspiration before valentine's day. i will be on hand to iron their sleeveless v necks. is r&b an afro deash yak? take a look from my personal collection. >> ♪ what did i say? first gay marriage, then this. you open the door for everything and once you allow men to marry they are animals of different -- whatever they are. >> you are besmirching. >> i am.
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but that wouldn't have happened if not for gay marriage. i support everything. >> rick. why? -- i happen to think that putin is nuts. >> putin. >> i thought it was putin. he is part of putin. he is playing hard ball. they put the punk rockers in jail and they have internet restrictions. but this is actually a smart idea. the countries that repopulate are countries that win. when you look at muslims -- >> this is government stimulus, isn't that what this is? i am motown philly through and through, actually born if philadelphia and i love boys 2 men. >> what about the band? >> they are one of the top
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recording artists of all time. he is smart to bring these people in and bring these men in and i'm sure the russian men are grateful. >> successful countries are successful by keeping the birthrate up. isn't he right? >> it begs the question why boyz2 men. are they the only ones who agreed to go to russia to perform? >> i'm sure they are being paid a lot of money. >> a lot out the wazoo. >> hey, the three-fer. >> you are not going to have to edit that. >> do you even know what it means? >> then my apologies to the "red eye" editing department jie. we will edit it out to make people think what you are saying is horrible. you are the expert. you are in a barber shop quartet. >> they sang a mean:00 pell law. >> they made the transition from boyz2 men and i was waiting. i have been on this, but i
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haven't seen this happen. >> there were a lot of other men that would ruin the day that it would happen. oh well. what is so sexy about vocal harmony? >> when i used to go around and play the college market. >> it was a big hit. >> they love the barber shops. >> sometimes we would do modern tunes like, you are 16, are you beautiful and you are mine. but they don't have to repopulate russia. what they need to do is import other people. they need immigration. the russians don't know how to work. >> dude, i have been to russia 12 times. my wife is russian of -- russian. >> they are wonderful people. you go to russia -- >> i think he is changing his point of view.
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>> have you ever gone to the mcdonalds in russia? they don't know how to run a business over there. >> i have to disagree with you. you have t russia in two pieces. they have the prior generation and which they don't know. they don't know what it is like to live under capitalism. and perhaps they don't know how -- they realize they don't have to work, but it is horrible for them. but then you have the young generation and they work like dogs. >> i was there in 1995. i didn't see this young generation. >> every place i went to, everybody worked hard because they love capitalism. they are more capitalistic than jonathon honig. >> you married a russian. how did you know she didn't just drag you around to all of the hard working places?
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>> it is like touring north korea. >> they take you down one street that is paved. >> you are saying i was fooled? >> i was in the 1930s and they were taking walter durante to all of the great places. >> perhaps you are right. >> you dated putin when you worked in the stropping man circus. the strong man circus. why doesn't he just impregnate everyone? >> he is starting to or that is his goal. >> you don't look like bill. >> actually on the weekends it is stunning. here are some of his accomplishments within the last couple years. whale shooting. leopard releasing, polar bear wrestling. he saved a television crew from a tiger attack. he flew with migratory birds. he found greek pottery -- ancient greek pottery while
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scuba diving. coincidently tv cameras were there the entire time. is that not unbelievable? the only thing he hasn't conquered was his love for men. >> he is not gay. he will probably have somebody kill you for saying that. >> i am not from new york. i am from another state and bill schulz is not my real name. >> lucky you there are 17 bill schulzs in new york. it will be great. it will be like the terminator where you are picked off. >> what happened to the spokesman for amtrak? >> we won't even warn him. shouldn't we alert bill? >> no. >> frankly he should be aware of this by now. >> why don't we have him do a man on the street in the open. >> wherever the russian mob hangs out. >> putin has long been
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occupied, and he wanted the birthrate to go up. it is something that is actually an intelligent perspective. you see the birthrate flat lining and you can see in other parts of the world they are going up. countries in which they flat line are the countries that go away. >> how about immigration. bring in chinese people and middle eastern guys. >> can you imagine if this works for boyj2 -- boyz2 men if the birthrate does spike? >> we are missing the continuing popularity of boy bands how young girls have been swooning. >> spooning or swooning? >> swooning. >> you look like a groupy to me. >> not so much. >> what were you into when you were younger? >> when i was younger? marching band. >> marching band? you just made a bunch of dorks' faces light up.
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>> no, truth, i played the violin, and you can't march with the violin so they gave me the cybles. >> the cutest thing. >> you can't march with a violin? come over my house on the weekend. >> i don't even know what that means. >> and yet i am appalled. >> that is a clean joke i guarantee you. >> thinking about the motion, no it is not. >> coming up, should you treat your pet like a person? lori roth man -- >> miniature dachson. >> lori roth man on why she lets her drog -- her dog drive during rush hour. look at that guy. he is hideous.
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test their hair? well a kansas city high school, is there any other kind, is planning to collect the greasy locks from students to conduct mandatory drug tests. starting next year rock wood high will take 60 strands from each student and any drug add adolescents will have 90 days to get drug free. if we do encounter a student who made bad decisions with drugs or alcohol we will be able to intervene and get the parents involved and get him help and help him get back on the path of better decision making hell -- >> rut worst prompter reader. -- you are the worst prompter reader. >> that is supposed to be said in his ear by a producer. how dare you vocalize this? >> carry on. >> we will start this show over with somebody else in that chair. >> me in a dress, please. >> i believe we have tape of
12:24 am
the principal getting high on life. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> that could have been you, lori. >> you were saying in the green room that the school is punishing kids for being wrong. you said the more kids that are high the better it is. that's what you said. >> and then you said, greg, don't bogart that joint which is f ofed up the wazzoo. >> with all of this lance armstrong back and forth saga that is only seeming to end now, maybe if there is a foolproof way to detect drugs, it is a good thing. >> no. >> coming from you, of course. >> if you can detect drugs in
12:25 am
hair bill would be the rainforest of coke. >> that's why i wear a wig. >> that is a wig because bill you are totally hairless for this reason. >> i predict the uncle fester look is going to be rocking at rock land high real soon. >> that was the whole point behind britney spears shaving. >> the theory was her husband wanted to get custody and he was going to take a drug test via her hair. as a result she shaved her head. and judging from the up skirt photos she took, she was very thorough. >> that's disgusting. >> i am an investigating reporter. >> if they took your kids' hair and drug tested it, would you care? >> i would care. i don't want the school to do this stuff. i am sort of a civil libertarian. i will take the hair and test it myself. i believe the parents should do it themselves. i would put a chip under my child's flesh so i would know where they are at all times.
12:26 am
>> it would be a pringles chip too because you are weird. >> rick, how about you? you have 17 children. >> if i were to start collecting i could make a hair shirt with all of the hair. >> actually i agree though. if you are a parent you have young kids. they have no rights. kids cannot protest to any rule that a mom or a dad or even -- i don't even have a problem with the school doing it, but as long as it is getting done and the kids are being watched over. >> i don't believe -- since when do kids have rights? >> they don't have rights. >> put the glasses back on. you look like senator levin. bring them down a little more on your nose. >> do you think one day i can run for office with the glasses on? >> he looks like uncle albert from mary poppins. he floated in the air with dick van dyke. >> no he looks like whoopi
12:27 am
goldburg making a point on "the view." >> i know, whoopi goldburg breaking wind on the -- on "the view." >> and then drowns it out by saying child. >> that's the past part of "the view." if i had children i would have no problems with this. when the kids screw up it is you who gets sued. jay as somebody who doesn't have kids, you know nothing. the thing with my super i will legitimate daughters is i let them get high all the time. when they are not, they realize the squaller they are living in. >> remember you knew in high school who the kids were on drugs and then you get the counselor to straighten them out. that's the way they did it. >> no need to cut their hair. just their clothes. >> we should be called the "red eye" old table. >> those kids cut their hair.
12:28 am
>> do you have a comment on the show? go to fox eye. click on submit a video and we might use it. the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by fairs. the large gathering where accompanying entertainment and amusement. thanks, fair.
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we are back, let's find out if we have anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. go ahead. >> as a viewer's representative i have to ask, why the [bleep] was pinch on the show? >> what? >> why was pinch on the show? >> because, well, we said once a week. >> why am i on here? i have nothing to do with any of this. you should be talking to pinch right now, andy. >> that's okay. >> if you want we can make him appear. >> that's okay. greg, i thought we talked about maybe fridays and not thursdays. >> i thought it was fridays too. >> i am not here on fridays, but not that it matters. >> you are not here tomorrow? >> what? i have nothing to do with pinch. >> who is in tomorrow? >> let's talk about this after the show. >> arab-american groups said the ad is racist. there are many racist ads
12:33 am
being run during the super bowl. >> there is a volkswagen again commercial. >> not racist. >> you covered it on the show and i read for that commercial. i was close. >> were you going to be the jamaican guy? >> land of the thousand lakes, my friend. >> she a great commercial actor. >> that accent was so racist we will get canceled right now. >> that wasn't as good as the other guy. >> you thought he was land of a, my friend. >> that's irish. >> welcome to jamaica. want to smoke a split, do ya? >> my kids have a jamaican accent because that's where their baby-sitter is from. >> i thought maybe it was their dad. >> why would that be funny anyway? there are a lot of nice jamaican men. >> believe me, i know. where is this going? >> you dating a jaw jamaican man.
12:34 am
>> i was carbon dating. i am a scientist. >> tom, you said barack obama won 53% of the vote. it was closer to 51. even then -- can i finish a sentence, lori? jesus. well never mind that joke. >> oh, come on. start over. >> nope. timing ruined. there is a thing in comedy called timing, lori. you killed it. >> she is a slow lori. >> does she have poison venom coming out of her el -- elbows ? >> you don't think that was coca-cola's intent. that is a bold statement. >> why? >> cross out everything else that went to lori. hang on.
12:35 am
okay. got them all. >> you know what, it is not what she says. it is the fact she is so adorable with the giant eyes. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> bill, greg, te lawrence's sexuality is a matter of dispute. not in dispute the fact he enjoyed floggings. >> was he opus bay? jay what? oh, opus bay. what, you saw "the da vinci code" and that's what you thought they do? >> there was a lot of truth in that fiction. >> by the way, chelsea, dispute, flogging. >> it is not a happy hour, trust me. it is the unhappy hour. >> i thought the ad was anti-western. here have you this innocent arab minding his own business in the ohm land and here --
12:36 am
homeland and here are the westerners desecrating the land in search of the ultimate search of imperialism, coca-cola. i think it is anti-western and shame on coca-cola. shame on the, come caw cola. boyz2 men playing playing in russia. it is putin and not putin. rick was correct. >> rasputin. take us on the ras and it is putin. >> oh, okay, you will win a piewl -- pulitzer. >> my favorite thing is when you are really proud and gets no reaction. >> i am correct in mark right now. 24r* are millions going wait to go, gutfeld. put half time guy in place.
12:37 am
>> other than the fact they don't know my name i don't agree with the rest of that. >> by the way, the whole thing of boyz2 men promoting facility. not true. >> not true? >> the moscow times wrote a cutsie league and saying just in time for the fertility campaign comes the soulful singer boyz2 men. >> why didn't you tell us that before? >> i didn't know it before. >> you found out during the show? you know what he was doing all day? >> do you understand -- >> do you understand what i do during the show, greg? i do research. it is my job. >> you could have said, gutfeld, i did some research today. did you know this whole putin thing is false? no instead you are watching golf. oh my god. he almost had a hole in one.
12:38 am
oh great everybody here is working and he is watching the golf. it is always my fault when i am the only one that gets the fact. that's not my fault. that's your fault because you could have gotten it sooner, my end from. >> didn't putin, didn't he chime in on this though? i read a comment though. >> i think he did chime in. >> he made it a story? >> i didn't say it was a story. i said boyz2 men were not there because of the campaign. it is a coincidence. >> how was golf? >> phil mickelson shot a 60. >> so violent. >> you talked about how the birthrate is a big concern of putin's. among his proposals, combating the high alcoholism rate among russian men. as tom referenced, an
12:39 am
immigration policy that has russians living abroad. >> a lot of people are leaving that country. and alcohol kills men at a younger age. they definitely have issues. >> kansas city high school collecting hair samples for drug testing. >> you said i was off the hook for the rest of the seggent in. >> all right. >> it is that easy? >> bill, you mentioned britney spears shaving her head to avoid this test and the high school kids will do the same thing. >> i said that was a theory. >> absolutely. i am not knocking you for that. >> the test can be done using any hair on the body. >> well britney is safe. >> rick you said kids have no rights. two supreme court decisions can test those who play sports or who are involved in extra
12:40 am
curricular activities. the court is ruling that there is a legitimate concern. there is no case on testing whether it is okay to test the entire student body. that's an interesting question to me. on the other hand it is a private school, not a public school. >> wow that was great. >> you don't have to, i did. i am done. >> that you rcht go back to your golf whatever that is. coming up, where should you invest your money? lori roth man discusses her new book "i buy thousands of turtles and melt them to turtle coins." >> what? jay she is the expert. first, is nothing tolerant than a 49er? we will kick this topic into the hoop.
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when it comes to gays he saw the error of his ways. chris culliver apologized for saying he would not accept a non-straight teammate or nst as i call them. >> no, i don't do the gay guys, man. i don't do that. >> are there any on the 49ers? >> they don't got no gay people on the team. they got to get up out of here if they do. can't play with the sweet stuff. >> they might be able to play well. >> no. >> they would have to keep it a secret? >> you have to come out 10 years later after that. >> my nickname was sweet stuff. on wednesday the corner back took it back saying, quote, the derogatory comments i made -- do you think he wrote this after he said that? the comments i made were thoughts of reflection in my head, but they are not how i feel. i apologize to those i hurt and offended and i pledge to learn and grow from this experience. sweet. let's discuss, shall we? >> lightning
12:45 am
rooooouuuuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> lori, you were angry he actually went back on his comments. >> i can't take him seriously. he is clearly not an inteligent person. we ain't got no -- and the statement is ridiculous. he is not an intelligent, educated, thoughtful human being. i just don't take this seriously at all. >> spoken like a true racist. >> i know. you make me sick to my stomach. >> shillou, is it unfair to crucify a 24-year-old kid who never did anything but play sports in his life about a remark? he clearly doesn't sit around and discuss politics or culture. >> or grammar >>- q. i and artie lange was probably leading him down this path. you know when an athlete is talking like that you know there will be a well-written apology to the press. >> the thoughts in my head, but not how i feel.
12:46 am
>> he should have reversed that. >> the feelings are in my heart and not in my head. >> i know they are wrong. it makes more sense than i feel differently, but my head tells me it is wrong. that's like ridiculous. that's dangerous. that's dangerous. rick, do you think we will ever see openly gay players in the nfl? >> i don't know. it is a very good question. >> don't answer it then. answer something else. what's your favorite color? >> he also said in the interview with artie lange -- >> don't listen to her. >> she is the woman at the other end of the table. didn't they say there were no gay men in iran? and this guy said there are no gay football players. it is insane. obviously there are. >> let's be honest here. you can talk about the percentages of gays -- overall society. >> it is probably around a 5%. if you look at football it
12:47 am
might be less because people who graph tate toward football may not be the same layout. i am not a jennette tau cyst. >> you lied to me. >> i know. it was to get you home and we cay play lab in my basement. bill, why did the 49ers not at least write the apology for him. >> they clearly didn't. half of the reason that chris culliver is not a pro bowler he. he obviously doesn't have a lot of media training. while i disagree with what he said, unlike lori, i do feel bad for this guy. artie lange took this kid who had three people talk to him during media day because nobody cares about chris culliver and lead him down this path and pushed him off the cliff and had him say uneducated things. other seasoned players would not have. >> you know who is the winner? the sports headline writer who gets to write culliver's t re vail.
12:48 am
what is that guy's name? i can't remember his name. >> you noy. you know. >> headline writer guy? >> the guy that always says stupid things and gets in trouble. >> that guy? >> i am serious. i can't remember his name, but he says stupid stuff. this rise of ski caps, bother you? everybody is wearing ski caps. san francisco you don't need a ski cap. >> he is adorable. >> control yourself. former nfl great and my ex paula tees partner dan moreno confirmed he fathered a love child in 2005 and they paid her to keep quiet. moreno has been married for 28 years and will be a part of the broadcast. he says he and his waive are still together. he said it is a personal, private matter and i take full
12:49 am
responsibility both penally and financially for both personally and financially for my actions. who cares at this point? >> he was squeaky clean. that's his image. it is surprising to a lot of people. >> is it really spraying to you? professional quarterback has another kid. >> i am not a football fan and i don't live, eat and breathe it. i am not even sure who is playing in the super bowl, but i know who dan moreno is. >> who? >> used to play for the dolphins and big, blue eyes, right? >> yes. >> the fact that he had a big reputation and you go, whoa, okay. >> tom, why is it called a love child? shouldn't it be men are lazy, unfaithful and jerks? >> i don't like your answer to it either. love child, what is this midevil times? is it like "game of thrones"? you know the difference between a love child and an
12:50 am
affair is the love child, they didn't get an abortion. >> we make it a higher crime. >> having sex outside of marriage it is the only crime where the punishment decreases if you destroy the evidence. >> i reject the fact that kids are punishments. >> you are punished more with saddling this midevil love child. it is a kid. it is a human being. >> rick, thoughts? >> i don't care. this is a guy who is in the football hall of fame. he is not in the husband hall of fame. he made a mistake and supporting the kid. sounds like he is doing the right thing. let's move on. >> bill, you had an affair with a miami dolphin, but it was a human. >> i will not be going back. gloves on the hand and not so
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nearly caused a sex riot after going shirtless during an in door cycling class on tuesday. he was trying to be incognito. is that a character? he wore a long sleeve t, but then toward the end girls went crazy and falling off their bikes. 500 people died. not so funny now. >> not true. i just wanted to see if you would keep laughing. >> lori, would you have been one of those people who fell off their bike? >> if you were righting a bike. >> that is true. me shirtless on a bike. >> it would cause some problems. >> i would pass out. >> yes from the stench. >> i don't need no sweetness in my gym. i don't need no shirtless guys, not that i am against that. >> now retract. >> sorry that was my heart. not my head. >> that was your head -- you are right, you are right. >> you totally wrote that
12:56 am
yourself. >> what celebrity would feel the need to do this? if you are a sex symbol do you have to go to a gym and get naked to get your ego gratified? you don't have to do that. >> you don't have to that at all. i like how he waited until the end 69 -- the end of the spin class and rip off his shirt. >> bradley cooper everybody is pretending not to pay attention to me so i will take off my shirt and then you have to pay attention to me now. look at me, look at me. it is sad. you don't need to do that, bradley. just come by my apartment. i have a whole spin room where you spin and plead for your -- >> bill, should matthew mcconaghey respond? this seems like an attack on him. th is something mcconaghey would beat him to it. it is like, screw you matthew. >> all right, all right, all right. i have an inside source that goes to some of these
12:57 am
classes. i won't say her name, lauren sivan, and she goes early as do all of the other girls to be in the same class. and he does this all the time. he will have a sweatshirt and be incognito with his hood on and then right toward the end of the class it is -- like that every time. sex rides ensue in l.a. he does this all the time. >> i question the new york post which is owned by our parent company. there is no sex riots. that was made up. >> what is a sex riot? >> i will show you later. >> to see clips of recent shows fox eye.
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